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“I was somewhat sceptical about the value of a business coach – until I met Roger. He has helped us look at what we need to do to develop the business and shown how realistic growth can be achieved. My main concern was that a business coach wouldn’t listen or understand the specifics of our business, but Roger does listen and takes on board feedback, whilst still encouraging you to think positively about how to move forward and overcome potential obstacles.

It’s all too easy to get bogged down in the routine, but we’ve found the planning and coaching sessions with Roger absolutely invaluable in keeping focus on the longer-term growth objectives whilst we manage the day-to-day. By looking at all strands of the business we now have a business plan for the next three years and have clearly identified the areas we need to develop to grow sustainably. Most importantly we feel it is realistic.

Roger is a pleasure to work with but don’t expect an easy ride because that’s not what it’s about if you want to progress. Roger asks the right questions in the right way to help you work towards achieving the goals you aspire to. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any business, thank you Roger!”

Sue Ball – Godwick Great Barn

“I have been amazed at the difference Roger and Action Coach has made to my business. Instead of plodding along in the same old way, the business has doubled the profits and become so much more efficient. We all work as a team now and the staff look forward to their work instead of making excuses for not doing things. We have expanded into new areas and new products, going from a small player to the market leader.

I cannot recommend Roger and Action Coach high enough. Thank you very much!”

Mrs Linda Laxton, British Wildflowers


“We are really pleased with the work that Roger has done with us, whatever we suggest we might like to do he is always there and offering to help instigate the initial process. In the last six months he has helped us with job descriptions, looking in to new ventures, working on office efficiency, recruitment and financial projections. If there has been any specific people that Roger feels we would benefit from he is always able to put us in contact with them, e.g. Patent specialists and Tax advisers, and the people that he has put us in contact with have always been really good. He has always been a good motivator and suggests new ideas.”

Mrs Donna Vinall, Serenity Care East Anglia Ltd


“Our small company was a bright spark in danger of burning out.  Our profits had soared but we had no structure for growth and our capacity was stretched causing a great deal of stress and threatening to affect the quality of our service.

Roger’s experience working with seasonal businesses and his ability to inspire resulted in a focused approach to improve three main elements of our business to set a solid foundation for growth: cash flow; systemizing the business; and marketing in line with our seasonal service.  This has given us the confidence and security to budget for taking on seasonal staff, knowing that there are systems in place to help train staff and maintain our quality of service. 

A coach has to be many things to many different people. A good coach requires passion, knowledge, and sincerity – Roger has all three in buckets. Our company now has the opportunity to burn bright and maybe even to start lighting a few fires!  Thank you Roger.”

Shaun Baker, Torc Ecology Ltd


I met Roger Pemberton in January 2016, when I decided to start my business Ethos Custom Furniture. He helped me to improve my business plan and from that day he decided to help me to launch my business. He is my best mentor I ever had. Roger believed in me and my passion from the beginning. His impressive expertise in business made my business to be successful today. All the time he kept me motivated in order to take the best decisions for my business. He is honest, a very professional business Action Coach and he is an inspiration to me. I trust Roger and I will collaborate with him for many years from now on in order to develop my business

and to ensure it success. Thank you Roger Pemberton for your help, support and advice.


Marian Sprinceana General Director at Ethos Custom Furniture


“Roger has enabled me to expand my business and work on the business rather than in the business making it a more valuable asset.

Indeed, within the first full year of accounts we are looking at doubling our turnover and at the same time doubling the profit.”

Kevin Parsons, Parson Estate Agents


“My brother and I originally approached Roger in 2011 for a consultation but then decided we would carry on as we have done for years in our family business. Sadly in 2012 my brother died and I was left with to run the business on my own. I remembered the discussion I had had with Roger and asked him to visit me. Roger has helped me to develop and put in place many systems which have made running the business so much easier for me. He has shown me how to get the best from my staff and how to introduce new ways of marketing products both in store and online. The main benefit for me personally has been that instead of having to work twice as hard I have been shown how to successfully delegate tasks to other members of staff. This restructuring has allowed me the peace of mind of being able to take days off without worrying or returning to stressful situations.  I wish I had engaged with Roger in 2011, he has given me the structure and impetus to carry the business forward following a difficult and uncertain time.”

Chris Wright, Blyth & Wright Ltd


“Roger has made a real difference to the engineering department by coaching the engineering manager through recruitment of new team members, identifying the issues and bottlenecks in the department, and the introduction of a set of Key Performance Indicators.

The tools he has introduced are already delivering measurable improvements for 2014, and will be well used in the future.”

Rupert Wilkins, Trend Marine Ltd


“I’ve been working with Roger Pemberton for about 4 years now. Our original work in 2009, setting goals, targets and doing the groundwork properly, has meant we have been able to grow the business fourfold since then with the projections set in 2009 being remarkable close to the actual numbers achieved. Now with 10 employees, exciting growth plans and a workable exit strategy, Roger has been invaluable in moving my business on. I’m very grateful for all his diligent hard work without which, we would have no plan and no future. Thank you Roger.”

Simon Gray – Credo Asset Finance 


“From someone working with Roger, I find him excellent to work with.  He is motivated, structured and always very positive.  We have a set plan for the month with achievable targets set up, hence working to the framework he advises on within other businesses.


Roger acknowledges success when achieved.  On the other hand he will never give negative feedback when things are not going so well but,  gives help by taking a step back and overview, giving balanced reasoning and new suggestions to go forward.  I have learnt a lot from working with Roger and learning the ActionCOACH ethos.”

Carol Catchpole, Roger Pemberton Ltd

“There has been a tremendous change to our business since taking on an Action Coach, which has impacted on nearly all key staff. The great thing is that all staff have been included in the process and individually spent time with our coach themselves. I wanted all the staff to be actively involved and to benefit from the input of Action Coach.”

Some of the changes in place are listed above. Financially, at the year ending August 2009, the turnover is up by 300K and the profit is up by 35%. Sales targets for the calendar year 2009 were set to increase the number of bookings by 100. This would represent another 25% on sales. To date, at the end of Month eight we are ahead of the target.

The year has seen some significant developments, some of them unforeseen. The first being the buying-out of another significant competitor (SLX) and a second move of our warehouse. These challenges have had an impact on our cash flow, meaning us not meeting our key target, but the opportunity to take over another company, on an interest-free loan over seven years was too good to miss. We didn’t want this stock going to another competitor, or giving another chance for an individual to set-up a business which in three to five years could have been a significant threat to us. We hope this move was seen as entrepreneurial on our part and whilst a risk in this difficult climate, we felt we had to look at the long term potential here hoping to see a similar effect on the business which acquisition of a previous business had.

My fellow Directors were very threatened by the introduction of Action Coach, in fact I didn’t share it them until about two months after I had got started, but over the first few months we were able to engage with each of the Directors. All have the opportunity to meet with Roger to discuss their role and to set their own objectives. The inclusion of Roger at our Directors meetings has had a very positive effect on all of us with all Directors engaging in the process and seeing us all working on our own areas of responsibilities and working toward the same goal.”

Nick Garrod – Scenic Projects

“Dear Roger, I wanted to write and thank you for all your work over the last year. It has been a hard period in our industry, as well as for the greater economy, and yet despite this, with your help we have managed to stop the decline and reduce my personal involvement in the day to day running of the business to less than 10 hours per week – not bad for a small company! Whilst many would argue that cutting the owners involvement is a risky thing to attempt in these times, I believe that it has increased security for the company, the team and for myself. This is because it has given me the time to stop fighting fires and to look at other opportunities to move forward with this and other businesses. I am certain, that without your help we would not have come through this year with such a positive result for all concerned and I look forward to working with you again in the future. If you have anyone who is considering your services that would like a “first hand” opinion of the benefits gained, I would be pleased to talk with them. Best Regards”

Chris Sexton – Norfolk Water Company. 

“Taking Roger and Action Coach on has been the single best thing we have done for our business. With his help we have truly turned a corner and by setting procedures and measurable targets we are expanding confidently and seeing increased profits as well. Thanks Roger.”

Graham Duckworth – Green Duck 

“Roger gets you to take a detailed look at your business to see the strengths and weaknesses. Identifying this enables you to focus on what matters so you can be more efficient, knowing that what you are doing makes a difference to your profit! Great stuff. Thanks Roger.”

Linda Allen – Best Coach 

“Roger has provided very welcome support to our growing charity. With budgets tight and resources inevitably stretched, Roger gives good advice, and is well connected locally. One of his key strengths is that he has no political agenda within anyone’s organization and is therefore able to act as a confidential sounding board, offering insightful, practical, unbiased and well respected opinion.”

Cathryn Parrish – Big C 

“We have been using Roger Pemberton since January 2011. Best business decision I have ever made. Very efficient, very effective and very successful.

Simon Eastwell Managing Director HRM Boilers Ltd 

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