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January 2017.


What does your business look like when it is finished?


In the Action Coach six steps to business success model, the cornerstone to getting your business in control is destination. I was asked earlier this week why this is so important and what happens for many businesses that have not got a vision and long term goal.

Before I explain how I answered I will remind you what should be part of that destination. There should be an answer to the question “What does your business look when it is finished” – the point at which you do one of three things, move your attention on to another business, sell the business or retire from it. Based on this you should have a clear vision for the business. You then need to define a mission – or path you are taking to achieve the vision. Finally you need to define the culture of the business. This is effectively what your values are, how all who represent you will be asked to behave and how you will be viewed by those who interact with your business – regardless of who it is they speak to in your business.

You should then set 1,3 and 5 year goals and use these to inform your 90 day plan.


So, how did I answer? I asked the person who asked me what their business journey had been and how they made decisions important to the shape of their business. I then asked what they could have set as a business vision if they had done so 30 years ago and finally what they would have done differently if that vision had been in place. Their answers confirmed that without a clear vision they had followed a “gut instinct” that said, what we have now is not that successful and so we need to do more. They had then made decisions on opportunities by reacting to those that presented themselves to them. They are doing better than they were 30 years ago and so the “gut instinct” has served them reasonably well. However, when challenged about where they could have been and what they could have done differently there was an admittance that a vision would have enabled pro-active effort in seeking the opportunities required to achieve it. This would have led to being further forward than they are now.


Steven Covey encapsulates it in his Seven Habits of Successful People as “start with the end in mind”. If you take a road journey these days to somewhere you do not know you would automatically set the destination in the sat nav and follow the route suggested. If you followed your nose you may get there in the end but probably having taken longer to get there and with a few wrong turns along the way. It is the same in business. 



In Action Coach we use a word equation BE X DO = HAVE. In English this means that the results you get are based on what you do and how good you (or your business ) are at doing the things that need to be done. Setting a vison is like setting the HAVE side of the equation. If you use the answer to the question “What will my business look like when it is finished” as your vision or your have you can then go into setting the plan to achieve it. This will be a combination of BE and DO. Without the HAVE being considered you have no framework for your decisions about what to do and how good you need to be.


I hope this makes sense and allows you to consider what your vision will be and how to use to set your plan for 2017 and beyond.

If I can help in any way with setting your vision please contact me on or on 07511969690.






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